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Hair Loss Treatment

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Quality Doctors

Best Trichologist for hair fall treatment. Our specialists have been serving domestic and international patients for years.

Modern Equipment

Gawai healthcare boasts the latest & state-of-the-art equipment in the market

Affordable Prices

Gawai Healthcare offers the best and modern hair loss treatments at very reasonable prices

Am I losing my hair?
We lose around 50 to 100 hairs naturally each day, but if you’re worried try the ‘tug test’. Hold around 15 or 20 hairs between thumb and index finger, and pull slowly and firmly. If more than six hairs come out, you may have a problem.
Keep cool on
If you regularly style your locks with hair dryers, hot curlers, straighteners or with chemical treatments, you could be damaging your hair. Heat weakens the hair proteins and leads to fragility, so set your hairdryer on cool instead.
Loosen up
Be careful when putting your hair into a ponytail. If your hairstyle is too tight, you could end up with Traction Alopecia.
Eat well
Protein keeps your locks strong, omega-3 fatty acids prevent brittleness, and both iron and zinc will nourish your hair. A healthy, balanced diet could make all the difference.
What are my treatment options?
There are many treatments available today, topical therapy, platelet-rich plasma therapy , micro-needling can give a very good result in baldness of 10-15 years of duration also. Hair transplant is a good option for non-responsive individuals. It is a good option for mild-moderate hair loss.

Hair Loss is treatable

Hair loss is prevalent in this generation due to reasons of hereditary, hormonal changes, side-effects of medications, stress etc. Most of the disorders can be treated at home but some require the help of experts.

Gawai Healthcare provides the Best hair fall treatment for men & women.


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Healthy hair is a blessing that can not be taken lightly. Gawai healthcare is here to safeguard your hair growth.

Hairfall Treatment

Our team of doctors specialize in hair-transplant treatment and have helped many patients get rid of baldness and hair loss.

Stem Cell Therapy

Leverage the latest technology in the field of medical sciences with advanced stem cell therapy.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

PRP injections are now being used at Gawai Healthcare, which promotes hair growth and health soft-tissue healing

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Ten Years Of Experience In Treating Hair Problems

Habu Sahoo

One of my friend had hair transplant at gawai healthcare and the way the doctor explained him about the procedure and the after surgery results are satisfactory. Highly recommended for hair transplant in Bangalore.

A Golam

This was such an amazing experience Dr Shabeeb was my doctor who checked my skin. He Gave me one the best ointment which I can continue using everyday Even the treatment which I am undergoing is giving me amazing results 🙂 The Clinic is advanced and has amazing doctors like Dr Shabeeb

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